TWHG Recruitment Website


The Welcome Home Group (TWHG) was founded in 2012 by Joseph Corsino, whose vision of working with our nations veterans to find well paying employment has been realized through his Interactive Employment Program (IEP). Our greatest strength is our team of volunteers. Built around the idea that there are people across the United States that want to help our nation's veterans after leaving the military, we take pride in our volunteer program and those who dedicate their time with TWHG see it. We understand the commitment our volunteers make to work with our veterans and their family members and it shows in our volunteer program. We have committed ourselves to doing whatever it takes to making our veteran clients successful, and we can't do that without the finest volunteers. 


How can YOU be part of our team?  

How can YOU make a difference in the life of a veteran?


This site was developed to provide prospective volunteers with information such as available opportunities, along with associated data such as responsibilities, overviews, requirements, etc. If you are interested in volunteering with TWHG,  take a look at the opportunities below to find out more about that position. When you make your choice, use the contact option in the top menu bar to contact us to talk about how you can get started.



Career Coach

Do you have experience in HR, coaching
or mentoring? We need people, like you,
who are committed to helping others succeed.




Do you have experience recruiting
the right candidates for open positions?
We need you to help us build our team.



Client Outreach

Our client's success is important to us
even after they complete our program.
Followup is an important part of our success.


Community Outreach

Bringing awareness to the IEP program
is essential to the success of
Welcome Home Resumes.


Employment Matching

Our client's success is important to us
and working with them to secure employment
is a very important part of our program